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Universal Human Body & Face Rig

IMPORTANT:  Please read the product description carefully, and check the License Agreement before purchasing.  Competence using Blender is recommended to fully benefit from this product.

This rigged human base mesh includes both the Body Rig and Face Rig, and is the framework upon which my formerly entitled "Perpetual Multipurpose Personal Person Project" is based. The P.M.P.P.P. was made to alleviate the burden of rigging, weight painting, retopologising, UV unwrapping and generally having to reinvent the wheel for every new humanoid character. By distilling the shared features of the human race into a single form, it provides a neutral, reusable human-shaped canvas for sculpting, texturing, posing and animating.

Due to popular demand, I've decided to make the base mesh and rig available for general consumption, and have thereby redubbed it the more easily pronounceable "Universal Human" project. So now you can have your very own personal person too! Use it to mind the kids, ward off ghosts, or even to taste-test your auntie Ethel's scone mix! Also works as a handy insect repellent or inflatable life preserver.*

Other useful uses include:

  • A basis for sculpting and texturing new characters
  • Posing for art reference and paint-overs
  • Animating
  • Instructional presentations
  • Pulling it apart to see what makes it tick

Here is a work in progress demonstration of the body rig from April 2019.  Improvements have been made in the interim (including disabling Bendy Bones to improve torso deformation), so the final product differs slightly in appearance.

Two demos of the proportions being edited (the first one has the separately available Male Base Mesh added):

Race and Gender shapes are available separately, and can be mixed as per this early proof of concept:


  • Designed to accommodate realistic character creation and animation
  • Neutral base mesh averaged from male, female and 3 races.  Both genders can be enabled by applying one of the Male or Female base meshes that are sold separatelyNote: only the male OR the female is required - there is no need to purchase both.
  • Full IK body rig, including fingers (ideal for pressing against surfaces). Note that the feet are rigged to accommodate shoes, so while toes are present, they are not individually rigged.
  • Face rig based on muscle groupings (similar to FACS), with non-linear transitions for fluid, naturalistic motion and full facial control.
  • On-the-fly customisable skeletal proportions; easily and non-destructively edit the rig for innumerous human body types, humanoid creatures and stylised characters (see video demos above).
  • 2 UV map variants: full body, and face-focused
  • Lightweight mesh for responsive performance. Poly count (before subdivision): body: 5,454 faces (quads); eyeballs: 692 faces (quads) each, teeth & tongue: 1,768 faces (quads)
  • Topology optimised for animation and posing; edge loops follow wrinkles and muscular direction where possible, without compromising deformation quality. Modelled with separate clothing in mind (i.e. geometry is less dense in typically covered areas)
  • Corrective shape keys to preserve volume in most joints
  • IK/FK switching
  • Soft IK to dampen "popping" when IK chains are near full extension
  • Finger curling controls for quick hand posing. See demo.
  • All quads
  • Compatible with Blender 2.79, 2.8x and 2.9x
  • No complicated script installations or add-ons necessary; just load and go!

See the Reference Charts for rig operational instructions.


  • IK/FK switching latency in Blender 2.79 (no latency apparent in 2.8x or above)
  • No IK/FK snapping is implemented, so IK controls will need to be manually realigned when switching from one to the other
  • A side effect of one of the posing features is that the Torso and Thorax controls drift from the spine if the pelvis is moved in X or Y. A workaround is to select both pelvis and torso and move them in unison.
  • While the body will deform well in most situations, this may not always be the case for certain poses. Manual re-shaping is recommended in those instances.
*not suitable for use as a flotation device.


By purchasing or using this product, you agree to be bound by the conditions in the License Agreement.

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Universal Human Body & Face Rig

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