Universal Human Female Base Mesh

Chris Jones
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NEW for Version 2.0: Reshaped head, remodelled eyeballs, UV improvements and more.

UV unwrapped generic female base mesh in .blend format, ready for sculpting, texturing and rigging,  Can be used independently, or applied as a shape key to the Body Rig or Body & Face Rig to unlock both male and female shapes. Note that only the male OR the female is required when using with the Body/Body & Face Rig - there is no need to purchase both. See here for Gender Upgrade Procedure.

Example videos of the gender shapes in action when applied to the Base Version:

Walk Cycle

Shoulder Animation

Posed using the Body Rig


  • Designed to accommodate realistic character creation and animation
  • Proportions derived from numerous female references, head averaged from 9 African, Asian and European female model and celebrity likenesses.
  • Includes separate eyeball geometry
  • 2 UV map variants: full body, and face-focused
  • Lightweight mesh for responsive performance. Poly count (before subdivision): body: 5,492 faces (quads); eyeballs: 644 faces (quads) each
  • Topology optimised for posing and animation; edge loops follow wrinkles and muscular direction where possible, without compromising deformation quality. Modelled with separate clothing in mind (i.e. geometry is less dense in typically covered areas)


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For Frequently Asked Questions, documentation and more, visit the Universal Human website.

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Universal Human Female Base Mesh

19 ratings
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