Universal Human Face Textures

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Facial skin textures and wrinkle maps, tailored for use with the Universal Human Skin Shader and Rigs/Base Meshes in Blender. These texture maps were hand sculpted and painted with the aim of providing a relatively neutral, flexible basis for customisation. As the project evolves they may be either adjusted to better serve this purpose, or designated a specific skin type if more skins are developed.

Micro bumps visible in the macro shots below are part of the Skin Shader, which is sold separately (hair not presently available).

Dynamic wrinkles, as applied to the Face Rig:


  • Height map (8K, 16 bit .png), incorporating pore-level detail as well as subtle enhancements to Base Mesh facial definition
  • 4 height map layers, for independent editing of baked displacement, pores, static wrinkles and bumps & pits
  • 2 wrinkle height maps (8K, 16 bit .png), including stretched pore details and sculpted enhancements to Base Mesh definition (such as cheek volume) when forming expressions
  • 2 separate layers for each wrinkle map, for mixing and editing of general form displacement and pore-level detail
  • Albedo map (4K, 8 bit .png), with alpha channel for dual control over skin tone when layered over base colour

Multiple skin tones, all using the same albedo map

  • 3 Albedo map layers + Base tone, for independent editing of shading, mottling, bumps, static wrinkles & veins
  • Roughness map (4K, 8 bit .png)
  • Subsurface map (1K, 8 bit .png)

Included texture maps and layers


Since Displacement nodes in blender do not currently interact with particles or modifiers, any hair that is added to the mesh will not respond to dynamic wrinkles.

For Frequently Asked Questions, documentation and more, visit the Universal Human website.

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Universal Human Face Textures

7 ratings
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