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Universal Human Face Rig

IMPORTANT:  Please read the product description carefully, and check the License Agreement before purchasing.  Owners of both the Body Rig and the Face Rig will qualify for a free upgrade to the ready assembled Body & Face Rig (see details* below).  Competence using Blender is recommended to fully benefit from this product.

Used independently or as a facial upgrade for the Body Rig*, this rigged head base mesh is the successor to the one that forms the basis of the Ed, Face Test and Eye Piece demos.  With controls for easily customising and even animating skeletal proportions, it provides a flexible, human-shaped canvas for sculpting, texturing, posing and animating myriad expressive humans, humanoid creatures and stylised characters.  All the painstaking rigging, weight painting, retopologising, shape key shaping and UV unwrapping has been taken care of for you, so you can skip straight to the fun stuff.

Uses include:

  • A basis for sculpting and texturing new characters

  • Posing for art reference and paint-overs

  • Animating

  • Instructional presentations

  • Pulling it apart to see what makes it tick

*For a complete human rig, see the Body & Face Rig.  Owners of both the Face Rig and the Body Rig will receive a 100% off discount code which can be applied to the Body & Face Rig, provided both products have been purchased using the same Gumroad account. The codes have to be generated and sent out manually, so please allow a up to half a day or so for it to arrive (and if it doesn't, try checking your spam folder). Those game enough to attempt a D.I.Y assembly while waiting can find the instructions here.


  • Designed to accommodate realistic character creation and animation

  • Neutral base mesh averaged from male, female and 3 races.  Both genders can be enabled by applying one of the Male or Female head base meshes that are sold separately. Note: only the male OR the female is required - there is no need to purchase both.

  • Face shapes based on muscle groupings (similar to FACS), with non-linear transitions for fluid, organic motion and discrete facial control

  • On-the-fly customisable rig proportions; easily and non-destructively edit the size, position and orientation of the eyes, teeth, tongue, jaw, head, neck and clavicles

  • Includes upper torso rig for standalone use

  • Includes head and neck, eyeballs and teeth and tongue meshes

  • UV mapped, ready for texturing

  • Lightweight mesh for responsive performance; poly count (before subdivision): head: 1,584 faces (quads); eyeballs: 692 faces (quads) each, teeth & tongue: 1,768 faces (quads)

  • Topology optimised for animation and posing; edge loops follow wrinkles and muscular direction where possible, without compromising deformation quality

  • All quads

  • Compatible with Blender 2.79, 2.8x and 2.9x

  • No complicated script installations or add-ons necessary; just load and go!

See the Reference Charts for rig operational instructions.

Race and Gender shapes are available separately, and can be mixed as per this early proof of concept:


• Tongue may appear to lag in Blender 2.79 viewport (no latency apparent in 2.8x or above)

• Certain face shape combinations may produce undesirable deformations, especially when combined with more unusual proportions. These can be countered by editing the shape keys directly, or adding corrective shape keys. The Head Reference Chart can be used to help identify suspect shapes.


By purchasing or using this product, you agree to be bound by the conditions in the License Agreement.

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Universal Human Face Rig

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